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Tel:+49 (0)30 351 26 92 62
  • 6.61.6: further fix for "List of printed records" when log file is an ADIF file

28.10.2022  HAM LABEL  Release 6.61.6

Fix for "List of printed records" and detection of already printed QSOs

18.10.2022  HAM LABEL  Release 6.61.5

Release 6.61.4

  • 6.61.4: Correction of search function in QSO selection window
  • 6.61.4: Removed date range selection in QSO list

14.09.2022  HAM LABEL  Release 6.61.4

  • 6.61.3: Correction again when accessing incorrect ADIF files

25.11.2021  HAM LABEL  Release 6.61.3

  • 6.284.4: QSL printing: if options in the form "only print if etc" have been assigned to text fields, this now works more reliably for tables (premium license)

05.11.2021  HAM LABEL  Release 6.61.0

minor corrections for print and print preview

30.09.2021  HAM LABEL  Release 6.60.0

  • 6.58.0: Correction when selecting the email address field in the print options for email QSL

19.02.2021  HAM LABEL  Release 6.58.0

  • 6.57.0: options for the label elements that have already been entered are shown in advance next to the option buttons
  • 6.57.0: Correction of query text (entries during printing were not always accepted)
  • 6.57.0: Correction when linking placeholders (did not work correctly if there was an image on the label)

30.12.2020  HAM LABEL  Release 6.57.0

  • Correction when connecting to the ADIF logbook (tried to create a file in the program folder)

25.11.2020  HAM LABEL  Release 6.56.0

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