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Predefined templates

HAM Label has a list of templates that can be called up each time a new label is created or manually in the mask editor. These templates are basically ready-made templates. This makes it much easier to work with the program.

1. Creation of a new template.
2. Calling up the mask editor via the "Edit" function.
3. The program now asks whether a certain template should be used.
4. After selecting the basic template, it is put into the current template and its size may be adapted to the card or label format.
5. Now you can delete or move elements or change them as you like.

Pic below:List of templates to choose from:

List with predefines templates
(Zoom pic)

Pic below:Zoomed view of a template:

zoomed template
(Zoom pic)

Pic below:Sample view of a template:

(Zoom pic)

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